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If you want to gain a competitive edge over your fellow athletes, or if you want to boost weight loss, Altitude Training is the answer. With a history of proven results, training at Altitude will improve performance, speed up weight loss and fasten rehabilitation from injury.

The study of altitude training accelerated after the 1968 Olympics, which took place in Mexico City, Mexico: elevation 2,240 metres (7,349 ft). It was during these Olympic Games that anaerobic sprint events broke all types of records. This prompted extensive investigations into the positive effects of altitude training, from which unique training principles were developed with the aim of increasing overall performance.

Until now, individuals have had to travel to, or live at, high elevations to obtain the benefits of altitude training but through the creation of our unique mobile altitude training facility, we can simulate altitudes of up to 5000m right here on your doorstep.

The result? Athletes, fitness enthusiasts and health conscious individuals can take advantage of the benefits associated with altitude training while at sea-level minus the costly price tag of overseas travel and expensive altitude training camps.

Take advantage of our unique training system - we bring the mountain to you!

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How it works



Training at altitude exposes the body to reduced oxygen levels, meaning the body works harder, adapting and becoming more efficient – get the body you want at Altitude.



Experience boosted performance from training at altitude. Train longer, harder and more consistently than ever before and experience gains of up to 37% more endurance, 9% more strength and 3% power and speed.



Dream about achieving a Personal Best? Training at altitude will accelerate weight loss, increase fitness and improve your immune system leading to significant improvements in your performance, health and fitness.



Performing your rehabilitation exercises at altitude will hasten recovery, boost oxygen transportation and allow you to clear injury by-products more efficiently.


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Just ran my fastest 10km for 11 years. I started training twice a week … four weeks ago. It’s the only thing I’m doing differently….it has got to be working. THANK YOU!
David Fell
Triathlete, Runner & Trekking Enthusiast
As an athlete you search to find as many performance gains as you can, even a small 1% gain can make a huge difference in what we do. In 2014 I heard about and to be honest I wasn’t expecting to see much improvements as I was already in peak form… what we did see was my resting heart rate decrease over a period of 3 months, my average heart rate go from 150bpm to 130bpm whilst running aerobically and my ability to take in more oxygen in anaerobic sessions increased. This might not sound like much but as a coach and athlete, I was seeing myself recover faster and use less energy in training, resulting in better performance.
Matty Abel
Ultra Runner
Totally addicted to training with Altitude Training WA!! As a busy mum of 2 yound kids this style of training is ideal as it is high intensity, short workouts with maximum benefits and less recovery time! State of the art technologycombined with the awesome knowledge and skills of Tash and Auzzie makes for an amazing training experience. I can't recommend it highly enough!
Busy Mum
Just commenced my 2nd schedule of training in preparation for my first ever marathon. Highly motivated given my improvements on half marathon so far, not to mention the support from Tash and Auzzie in the sessions and at events. Not to mention the benefits of indoor training given Perth weather right now!
Meshall Cox
In preparation for the Busso 70.3 90 km ride ( I was doing a team) I did a program with Tash & Aussie in their awesome facility. I was pushed to my limits on some of the sessions but it was all worth it. I smashed my PB by over 10 minutes in horrendous conditions. Thanks guys for your guidance and support. I should also mention my recovery is great too.
Gloria Stewart
Just a big thanks to Oz and Tash for helping me achieve my PB for the Recent Bunbury Marathon (20 min of my best time)I have nearly completed a 10 session block of altitude training and what a difference it's made to my recent performances and especially the recouvery.I am now in training for 2018 Comrades Marathon and they are assisting me with my final presentation.
Earle Arrow
Marathon/Ultra Runner
If your looking to reach your max performance or even just keep fit, I definitely suggest getting in to this! I’ve had nothing but positive results and couldn’t be happier with it. Altitude Training WA also have a great team, always there to help and support you to reach your goal, do your best and test your limits !
Lockie Pink
Australian U19 NFL Team
We have been training with Altitude Training WA for just over a year now. We are 63 and love the fact we can get a great workout on the bikes with minimum impact and stress on our bodies. We would never go to a normal gym but the chamber is a great space and we always feel comfortable. We have both lost weight and cm's but the best thing is the boost in energy levels and we are both sleeping really well. Each time we do a spin class with Auzz or Tash we get home feeling awesome instead of sore and fatigued. We highly recommend Altitude Training WA.
Ben & Ann Hyde
Active Retirees

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